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968/EDSA 1002.00/17 Beijing Consen Technologies Co., Ltd.
Logic Units
→ Safety PLCs
Safety-Related Programmable
Electronic System
TSxPlus V1.0

TSxPlus CM01 - Communication Module
Rev. CM01-A-V001

RTS1 - CRC32: 4CD4669F
RTS1CRC - CRC32: 99C6FE30
cag.jffs2 - CRC32: 5551E039
p1020rdb-pd.dtb - CRC32: 4B91046A
u-boot-cm.bin - CRC32: CCFB4AE0
uImage - CRC32: 19D848C5

Power MCU:
CM01_APP_U40_01.hex - CRC32: C999481A
CM01_L1BOOT_U40_01.hex - CRC32: 9FCDB3B4
CM01_L2BOOT1_U40_01.hex - CRC32: 6249E22E
CM01_L2BOOT2_U40_01.hex - CRC32: 1B47326B

CM01_FPGA_U5_01.rbf - CRC32: EE4AEB6F
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