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K 2217 2019 C 03 CAMINETTI MONTEGRAPPA S.p.A. con Socio Unico
Stufa a pellets di legna / Wood pellet stove
Marchio commerciale / Trademark: Caminetti Montegrappa, CMG
Tipi / Types: NBT8 EVO, BT24
Modelli / Models NBT8 EVO: Alpina Evo, Evoca Evo, Expo Evo, Noir Evo, Ring Evo, Ronde Evo, Top Evo, Tour Evo, Ethica Evo, Timbro Evo, Cuma Evo, Country Evo, Tile Evo, Boma Evo, Rada Evo, Cima Evo, Mura Evo
Modelli / Models BT24: Classic-2, Drum-2, Dual-2, Han-2, Île-2, Monde-2, Rafale-2, Steel-2, Globus, Radius, Armor-2, Cocoon-2, Icona-2, Starlet, Douby, Clever, Drum-2 Steatite
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